Catalytic combustor probe thermometers

Our innovative design accurately measures gas temperatures immediately behind a combustor. It registers accurate readings up to 2000° Fahrenheit, and can be retrofitted to most catalytic stoves to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations. An indispensable tool for efficient woodstove operation, our thermometer signals when to switch off bypass, and when to reduce fire to prevent damage to combustor. It also indicates declining performance of a failing catalyst and the need for replacement.

Condar's superior USA-manufactured three-layer probe: high-temp formula steel core for long life, clad with pure copper for fast conductivity, chrome-plated to resist corrosion.

The probe end may be placed up to a half-inch away from the combustor, but should not touch it. Offered in various lengths to fit all brands. Consult instructions provided by your stove manufacturer before installing. Made in the USA.

Catalytic probe thermometers lengths are measured as shown below. The probe length that enters the stove is significantly shorter than the overall probe length. Thermometer probe should be positioned 1/2 inch from the combustor.

Line drawing pf catalytic thermometer with ruler showing measurement of probe section that enters the stove.

Diagram is of the 2 1/8 inch probe thermometer.

catalytic probe thermometer code price order
7/8 inch probe
for Dutchwest stoves
3-142 $21
1 5/8 inch probe
generic & Earth stove models
3-12 $22
1 7/8 inch probe
for some Blaze King models
3CX-2 $25
2 1/8 inch probe
for Dutchwest stoves
3-194 $25
3 inch probe
for some Dovre models
3-40 $21.95
4 inch probe
generic & Vermont Castings Intrepid I and II models
3-12-1 $27
6 1/2 inch probe
for some Buck Stove models
3-14 $27
6 inch probe
for some Appalachian & Englander models
3CX-6 $27
8 inch probe
for some Country Flame models
3CX-8 $27
8 inch probe
for Lopi Flex models only
(3 probe bends)
3-185 $31.50