Custom Mesh Screen Worksheet

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Fill in all the information below and submit worksheet by fax ( or email Timothy Bame ( If you are an AOL or yahoo mail user you cannot submit this form online you must fax the form.

Please give us the dimensions of your fireplace, before any deductions are made:
Keep all dimensions in 0.25 inch increments (fractions must be converted to decimals).

Actual Fireplace Width: Actual Fireplace Height:

Please give us the dimensions of your screen:

Ring Size
1/2 inch (1cm) diameter rings are standard on all Condar screens. Other sizes are available upon request. Please indicate the ring size you need or write "no" if you do not want rings.

Indicate Total Height

Does this height include the 1/2 inch (1cm) rings?
Condar recommends leaving a small gap between the bottom of the screen and the hearth floor (about 1/2 inch: 1cm). This will prevent the screen from scrapping against the hearth floor.

Indicate Total Width Here

Does this width include the additional 25%?
Condar recommends adding an extra 25% to the width of your fireplace opening to ensure desired draping.
Do you want to order a Rod and Valance Kit in addition to this screen?
Indicate Number of Screen Panels:

1 Panel
2 Panels (standard)

What finish would you like?

Satin Black
Golden Brass
Elegant Stainless Steel

Enter Today's Date:   

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Enter Your Phone Number:   

Enter Your Full Name:   
(Entering your full name here is eqivalent to a signature: by entering your name you are stating that the screen dimensions and options that you enter in this form are correct!)

You must fill out every field before worksheet can be submitted.
Condar custom screens are nonrefundable. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

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