Watchman™ electronic catalyst monitor

Achieve best performance with the innovative Watchman! Highly-responsive red LED visual display shows temperatures accurately. Maximizes the heat potential of your catalyst without overheating and damaging your combustor or stove. Pre-programmed audio signals with beep-tones conveniently alert you when to engage your catalyst, and when it is overheating.

  • • monitors catalyst temperatures, to close and open bypass
  • • conforms with Environmental Protection Agency requirement for new catalytic stoves and fireplaces
  • • ideal for Fireplace Xtrordinair, Regency, Vermont Castings and other brands
  • • helps you discern declining combustor performance and need for replacement
  • • available in your choice of battery-power or AC wall-current versions

Locate the 4-inch stainless-steel probe to one inch proximity to the catalyst, through port in your stove or fireplace; 6-foot thermocouple cable reaches to wherever you wish the monitor to display. Monitor can stand on hearth, or be mounted on wall (wall-mount bracket and hardware included at no extra charge).

Choose either the battery version (uses 9-volt conventional alkaline or lithium batteries, install two in series for longer operation) or the AC version (comes complete with converter for 120-volt wall current).

Designed by Condar and manufactured in our North Carolina factory. Made in the USA.




electronic catalyst monitor

complete with battery, cable, and probe
(battery version)
shipping weight 4 lbs



electronic catalyst monitor

complete with converter, cable, and probe
(AC version)
shipping weight 4 lbs



replacement cable and probe

for electronic catalyst monitors
shipping weight 1 lb