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NEW for Flexburn “2-in-1” Encore & Defiant

Picture of a CC-800 combustor

2.5 x 13.0 x 1.0 inches
(6 x 33 x 3 cm)

wrapped in stainless steel can

Item #CC-800 (ceramic): $119

STEELCAT™ not available



Simply install in stove leaving expansion room around new catalyst. Don't install with any additional gasket around the catalyst.

FlexBurn™ Ceramic Catalyst

For consumers who prefer the operating characteristics of a ceramic combustor, Condar manufactures replacement catalysts for Vermont Castings FlexBurn stoves designed to be operated "with-or-without" the catalyst.

Condar's premium-grade catalyst offers these features:

Materials and catalytic chemistry approved by US Environmental Protection Agency.

Top-quality exterior stainless steel "can" sized to the dimensions for Defiant FlexBurn and Encore FlexBurn stoves. (These FlexBurn combustors are one-inch thick, not the two-inch-thick combustors made for earlier Defiant and Encore models.)

This ceramic catalyst must be installed without any additional gasket surrounding the stainless-steel can.

Packing additional gasketing material around this combustor will cause overheating, premature fractures, and makes removal for replacement more difficult.

This genuine Condar ceramic replacement catalyst for FlexBurn models is offered direct-to-consumer only, shipped from Condar's North Carolina factory. It isn't available through local dealers or online resellers.

Each bright stainless-steel "can" is marked with the Condar brand and product code CC-800 as proof of source. (Any such combustor offered by resellers without these markings isn't a genuine Condar product.)

By eliminating the middle-man, your direct-from-factory price is $119 each (plus packaging & shipping charge).

This specially-priced combustor is sold without Condar's usual multi-year warranty. Before installing, please inspect it for damage done in transit. This FlexBurn replacement combustor isn't returnable.

Condar isn't manufacturing STEELCAT™ replacement catalysts for FlexBurn wood-burning models.

What our customers are saying:

"The [Condar] Flexburn catalyst arrived promptly and was well packaged. It was made with precision and care and infinitely better than the original and replacement catalyst I previously bought - both felt flimsy. I could tell that it was a quality product just by picking it up!"
“Thank you again for manufacturing such a good catalyst!"
-Frank Simpson; Tiny Township, Ontario

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