New TuffDuck™ silver leaf series basket set

Our TuffDuck™ silver leaf baskets are premium quality, made to last!

Ideal for firewood, wood pellets, gardening, beachware, picnics, auto trunk organizing,
shopping, recycling, and more!

The TuffDuck™ baskets are:

  • •made of super-durable corded polyester fabric
  • •made of black fabric with arctic silver trim
  • •American-woven fabric
  • •stain resistant
  • •washable
  • •rot-proof
  • •able to fold flat for compact storage

TuffDuck™ silver leaf series baskets come in a set of three sizes - large, standard, and small.

Every TuffDuck™ basket is handmade in our own facility in Columbus, North Carolina.

silver leaf series baskets
(set of three)
price order
black fabric
arctic silver trim
Shipping Weight 5 lbs

Note: Each TuffDuck has subtle differences in the physical appearance of the fabric. Slight variations in color and texture are normal, and have no effect on performance or durability. TuffDuck products are rigorously tested for quality control.