Condar's ScentStones for StoveScents

  • StoveScents create a pleasing natural fragrance for any home environment.
  • Another way to use your StoveScents is with 
                                            our designer ScentStones made exclusively for Condar.
  • A few drops on a ScentStone will result in
                                            a subtle scent.
  • Choose among six appealing scents. Or buy one 
                                            of each, so you’re prepared for any occasion.

If you want the scents without the steam, try StoveScents with our ScentStones. Place the ScentStone on a wood stove and add a few drops of StoveScent. When heated, the fragrant aroma will be subtle.

StoveScents and ScentStones are made in North Carolina. Be sure to read about our ScentStone artist in the right column (if you are using a mobile device, the description will be near the bottom of the page).

Special sampler packs with each of our six StoveScents and a ScentStone are available. Order now to try them all! Like both ScentStones? Each ScentStones is available to purchase seperately so you can buy a gift pack and the second ScentStone.

StoveScents packs with ScentStone
StoveScents with ScentStone price order

StoveScents six pack
with Winter White ScentStone


StoveScents six pack
with Terracotta ScentStone


scentstones Photo price order
terracotta $6.95
winter white $6.95