Catalytic combustor probe thermometer instructions

Condar’s catalytic meters are designed for insertion into the stove itself, so that the end of the probe is approximately 12 inch behind the catalytic combustor. The tip of the probe should not touch the combustor. Please follow the instructions provided by your stove manufacturer for installation and usage.

After installing your catalytic meter, engage the combustor, and watch the temperature readings for a couple of minutes. When the combustor is properly activated, the temperature will steadily rise from around 500° up to 1500° Fahrenheit, depending on the design of your stove and the placement of the probe.

Guidelines for temperature readings

Consult your stove manufacturer's manual for precise temperature recommendations. See below for approximate guidelines, dependent upon proper installation.

  • 500°F to 1000°F (260°C to 538°C): engage the combustor
  • 1000°F to 1500°F (538°C to 816°C): best operating temperature
  • Above 1500°F (816°C): too hot

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