StoveScents by Condar

  • Spice cake stovescent with included dropper
  • Spice cake stovescent beside a diffuser
  • Three stovescents.

StoveScents™ are unique blends. Condar's scent designer has created appealing aromas that are truly out of the ordinary. Fun to use in your home or your workplace. Five different scents for your different moods, different seasons. Mix and match or try them all!

Handy dropper lids so you can add a few - or a lot - of drops and achieve the aroma strength you desire. When the fragrant oil is heated, a pleasant, subtle aroma is released into the air. Simple, clean, and long-lasting, StoveScents create a pleasing natural fragrance for any home environment. Blended to Condar's proprietary formulas, and bottled at our small facility in North Carolina.

Have questions about StoveScents? Email Tiffany, our scents expert for more information.

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Individual StoveScents
Fragrance Oil price order
holiday welcome
like a freshly baked pie, warm and fruity
full fluid ounce
Condar holiday welcome stovescent $7.95
spice cake
sweet, comforting, reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen
full fluid ounce
Condar spice cake stovescent $7.95
bayberry crystal
clean and crisp as a freshly fallen snow
full fluid ounce
Condar bayberry crystal stovescent $7.95
carolina breeze
soothing and airy, like a warm ocean wind
full fluid ounce
Condar carolina breeze stovescent $7.95
winter garland
rich balsam and spruce, fresh evergreen
full fluid ounce
Condar winter garland stovescent $7.95