Fan thermometer

Our fan thermometer monitors stove top temperature for optimal fan performance. Locate the thermometer on the top surface of your woodstove, near the base of your stove fan. Heat-powered stove fans (such as Ecofan®) should be located on top of your woodstove away from the flue pipe. This allows your fan to access cooler room temperature air as needed for proper operation.

Woodstove fan thermometer

General guidelines for best performance

  1. 1. Below 65°C (150°F): Too cool for fan operation
  2. 2. 65–150°C (150–300°F): Best zone for low speed fans
  3. 3. 150–345°C (300–600°F): Best zone for high speed fans
  4. 4. Above 345°C (600°F): Overheating; excessive fan blade speed

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