About Condar Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacture and Private Label

Condar is a trusted supplier of products and components to industry and to the trade.

Our many customers, domestic and overseas, value our quality control and excellent service. Condar Company is the preferred source for special designs and for "private label" of stock designs.

Catalytic Combustors for Wood Fuel Heating Appliances

Besides the stock shapes and sizes of catalysts found at WoodstoveCombustors.com we also fabricate combustors for Original Equipment Manufacturers for research and development, and for use in catalytic wood-burning appliances not sold in the United States. To inquire please e-mail michael@Condar.com with your requirements. All Condar catalysts are branded with our Condar label of quality; they aren't available as "private label" products. For guidelines on designing new products, please first study:

Catalyst-Temperature Monitoring Thermometers, Woodstove Operating Thermometers

Throughout the world Condar is known for premium-quality bimetallic coils, durable components, and excellent design. We also manufacture bimetallic-coil thermostats used internally for damper controls. Both stock designs and specially-engineered designs are available with Condar branding or, if you prefer, marked with the customer's own brand. E-mail MikeWhitt@Condar.com about your needs. Depending on your needs, thermometer products may be assembled at our own factory in North Carolina, or at our contract manufacturer in France using USA-supplied components.

Custom Mesh Screens for Fireplaces and Hearth Products

Condar's service and pricing are second-to-none, when you need one-off special dimensions for mesh curtains! Visit FireplaceMeshScreens.com and CustomMeshScreens.com for mesh cut to fit in than your home, your condominium complex, your commercial installation, and more! All custom size mesh screens are shipped from our plant in Columbus, North Carolina USA.